Useful Tool for Testing Responsive Design

One of the popular keywords in Web Design today is, “responsive design.” One of my previous posts explains more on how to make a responsive website. In that post, I listed some resources that would be useful for testing when developing a responsive website. While working on some my side projects, I ran across another useful tool that I would like to add to that list.

Firefox Web Developer Section
In the latest version of Firefox, if you go under tools and highlight Web Developer, a sub-menu will pop out and you will see that one of the options is Responsive Design View.

Tools > Web Developer > Responsive Design View

The cool thing about this tool in Firefox is that you can choose many different sizes and there is an option that allows you to rotate that size, which is nice if you are interested in seeing how the website would look if a user was on a iPad and flipped it to a horizontal view.

Responsive Design tool