Trying CreateJS in Flash


You may know by now that CS6 is out. One of the things that people were curious about is will Flash have a HTML5 export? There was no export built into Flash CS6, but one of the Flash experts, Grant Skinner developed a Javascript library known as CreateJS. CreateJS is available to use without Flash. There is a extension that is available to download to have a CreateJS toolkit inside Flash, which will allow you to do all the crazy animations you want in Flash and export to CreateJS. The fun thing about this is that you don’t have to learn anything knew except that you need to remember how to get the CreateJS toolkit panel to open up, so you can export to CreateJS.

There is a video on the internet that shows someone from Adobe making a elephant animation and exporting to CreateJS. I saw that video before CS6 came out and was eager to try this out for myself.

Once I was able to get my hands on this extension, I wanted to try something simple. I decided to try doing something that could be used on a daily basis, when developing a website. I ended up making a banner that does fading and has a text sign/box animate from the left.

HTML5 Banner with CreateJS

You can view this interesting banner live at: live example.

Besides that fact that you can make HTML5 stuff without having to learn anything new, using this would be a great resource to learn HTML5 and Javascript. You could make something and see how it works and then mess around with it to see how you could improve it.

More Information on CreateJS
If you are interested in learning more about CreateJS, you can visit the CreateJS site at

Like always, I don’t get compensated for posting about CreateJS or talking about the latest creative suite.