Flash Games: Actionscript 3 Character Shooting

Flash Games are very popular over the internet. The games that seem to be the most fun are the ones that having shooting in them. I used to make tons of these type games when I used to develop games in Director. Since Flash is faster and is widely used, I thought I try making a simple shooting bullets. Besides shooting bullets, I wanted to see if I could get the ship to move in all directions and have the bullet shoot in the direction that the ship is pointing.

This experiment was something I’ve started months ago, but got sidetracked and got interested in learning more about Air and the Tweetr API. Also, I was having difficulty with getting the angle of the ship passed to the bullet, so the bullet would go in the direction that the ship is facing. I knew that I would have to use a getter and setter method, since I developed this experiment using Object Oriented Programming (OOP). I was having trouble figuring out how getter and setter works. When I switched to learning about Tweetr, I came across the same problem with trying to get the input username sent to another class that logged the user in. Fortunately, I finally got it to work. Now that I found some time and figured out how the getter and setter works, i just had to come back to this experiment and get it working.

The key of this experiment is know how to convert angle to radians, since Flash doesn’t calculate angles. Flash calculates radians.

AS3 character shooting, Flash games

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